Rent to Own

May 15, 2017.Uncategorised

So far I have been sharing the fun and adventurous part of the Engineers without Borders (EWB) Fellowship in my written and video blogs. For my final blog post I wanted to focus on the actual work I have been performing in Zambia, since it has taken up 80% of my time here and since [...]

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An International Perspective on Women on International Women’s Day

March 8, 2017.Blog

With International Women's Day fast approaching a lot of conversations around the office, after spin class and in my living room have centered on the topic of women’s advancement and gender parity. These conversations have been insightful, heated and at the very least, entertaining. And they have encouraged me to reflect on my own experience [...]

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Christmas in Cape Town

January 17, 2017.Blog

It was shocking to find out how extremely hard it was to get into the Christmas spirit without snow and subzero temperatures. That being said, I did not miss the white stuff and the cold more than I enjoyed getting to spend the holiday season in twenty degree weather overlooking the South Atlantic Ocean. Wanting [...]

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Video Blog | Settling in, Village Stays and Buffalo Bicycles

January 9, 2017.Blog

My second video post! You can also see my written blog post here.

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Video Blog | Pre-Departure Training

December 19, 2016.Blog

My first video post! You can also see my written blog post here.

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Mayoka Village Retreat

December 5, 2016.Blog

Engineers without Borders (EWB) runs two retreats for the lifespan of each long term fellowship: one near the beginning of the fellowship and one towards the half way point. The retreat serves as a chance for fellows to catch up with each other and relax, to be briefed on things that are happening within EWB, [...]

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Settling in, Village Stays and Buffalo Bicycles

November 22, 2016.Blog

My first three weeks here have been packed with completing my “settling in” to-do list (getting a Zambian SIM card, organizing my Temporary Employment Permit, finding my way to the grocery store and back), establishing my work plan with Rent to Own and participating in a village stay. By far the latter has pushed me [...]

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Pre-Departure Training, Malaria Medication & Uncomfortable Topics

October 12, 2016.Blog

For some reason it still feels like an outright lie when I tell people I will be boarding a flight in less than 7 days to go work in Lusaka, Zambia for the next six months. It isn’t. At the top of my inbox this morning was a request to provide information for Air Canada’s [...]

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