It was shocking to find out how extremely hard it was to get into the Christmas spirit without snow and subzero temperatures. That being said, I did not miss the white stuff and the cold more than I enjoyed getting to spend the holiday season in twenty degree weather overlooking the South Atlantic Ocean. Wanting to keep busy during the holidays and distracted from the fact I was not home with loved ones, I decided to head down to Cape Town, South Africa to spend an unconventional Christmas and New Years with friends. This is one of the GREAT advantages of the EWB Fellowship, being able to travel and explore this big beautiful continent on weekends and holidays!

In just a short six hour flight, I found myself in the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town. A coastal city, Cape Town is the second-most populous urban area in South Africa after Johannesburg. The drive in from the airport winds through townships into cosmopolitan areas bursting with shopping centers, cafes, bistros, bike shops and gourmet burger bars.


Christmas Day was spent with two very good Canadian friends, Jon and Megan, and included fish and chips on the V & A Waterfront and an outdoor screening of Elf by The Galileo Open Air Cinema in the breathtaking Kirstenbosch Gardens. My week in the city found me venturing to District 6 (the district the film District 9 was based on) and Bo-Kaap (nee Malay Quarter), an extremely colourful and deeply historical area of the city. No trip to Cape Town would be complete without a journey out to one of the many beaches nearby. Muzienberg was my choice, admittedly the primary coloured beach cabins may have been part of the reason I choose to explore there and thankfully the views did not disappoint.


The best bit of the trip was no doubt the day eight other Lusakans and I spent travelling around the Stellenbosch wine region with the amazing Glen Christie, owner of Vineyard Ventures. We tasted some amazing whites, reds and the freshest olives and olive oil I have ever had! The price for a decent bottle of wine in South Africa shocked all Canadians present on the tour, averaging around $150 South African Rand, approximately $15 Canadian for a bottle we would normally pay $40 to 60 Canadian for back home.


With so many of us on the trip, we were able to gather some great photos and a bit of video, which I would like to share with you below.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Holiday Season with your family and friends and wishing you a prosperous 2017!

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