Engineers without Borders (EWB) runs two retreats for the lifespan of each long term fellowship: one near the beginning of the fellowship and one towards the half way point. The retreat serves as a chance for fellows to catch up with each other and relax, to be briefed on things that are happening within EWB, to review topics covered in pre-departure training, and most importantly – and my personal favorite – to LEARN MORE THINGS.

For the fellows in Zambia and Malawi, our first retreat was held at the beautiful Mayoka Village Beach Lodge & Resort . Mayoka Village is built on a shady slope right on the edge of the blue waters of Lake Malawi, in a small bay on the edge of Nkhata Bay Town. The owners work hard to create a unique experience that is also environmentally conscious, including the most majestic (compostable) toilet I have ever seen. It is the sort of magical place you could easily find yourself disappearing to for much longer than you expected. All of us were quite sad to have to leave the paddleboards, wood-fire pizza oven and fresh mangos after only three days.

Instead of trying to convey this experience in words, I would like to share it with you visually, courtesy of some amazing photos taken by EWB’s very own long term fellow: Aaron Wolf. I hope you enjoy and if you ever find yourself in or near Malawi, you partake in this amazing place.

As engineers, advisors, technicians and scientists who understand today’s complex and interconnected world, we believe that people and innovative ideas are key to creating lasting positive change. That is why WSP has partnered with Engineers Without Borders Canada to support the following programs: Professional Fellowship, Engineering Change Labs and xChange.

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