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where some see challenges

we see a place to achieve greatness

It takes hard work and determination to get the puck across the goal line, so when the City of Québec needed a team to manage their project, WSP was selected first overall. In true championship form, our lineup delivered on time and under budget.

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videotron centre

1.3 construction hours
400 initial budget
30 under budget
3 Years to complete
62 contracts for suppliers and contractors
18259 arena-style seats
70000 area
Construction Worker Icon
3600 construction workers
1000 loudspeakers

A commitment to teamwork and a passion to succeed led us to the ultimate victory.

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project slideshow

See how an empty lot evolved into a 18,000 seat arena

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Construction of the steel structures begin. Foundation and concrete stairwells are completed. The structure that will be used as floor slabs is seen.

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Concrete slab work in progress. A few of the 92 timber needles (columns) designed to support the weight of the outer shell of the building can be seen.

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The Project Manager visits the site to report on progress. Prefabricated concrete bleachers are being installed on the upper bowl. The lower levels are closed with temporary walls to protect against the winter weather.

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Erection of the roof structure. The steel trusses are being adjusted and roofing is being worked on from opposite ends. Prefabricated concrete bleachers are in progress on the lower bowl while the mechanical and architectural work is underway on the lower floors.

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The Hall is taking shape with the erection of the steel structure while the bowl's outer shell is well underway with insulation and exterior cladding. Due to the building’s complex curved shape, special attention is required.

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View from the main concourse. Seats and telescopic bleacher platforms are being installed. The concrete slab of the ice rink is cast and protected.

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View of the main walkway; installing seats and the removable sections of bleachers. The slab for the ice rink is cast and protected.

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Adjustment work on the retractable bleachers in the lower part of the Amphitheatre. Each section is independent and detachable as part of the configuration.

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View of the upper bowl from the ice rink. Before the installation of the louvers on the roof, sunlight peers through the openings.

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Above the technical grid on the ceiling, rope access specialists work on acoustic banners using a harness and cable system.

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The first ice rink is in place and ready for quality assurance tests. Work is underway by the ventilation team inside the central display scoreboard.

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The main scoreboard’s winches, which weigh more than 27,000 kg.

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Floor protection, joinery and cabinet work are underway in the Loge Signature (Party Suite), reserved for special events and groups. The ceiling follows the curve of the concrete bleachers above.

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One of the 80 suites of the Amphitheatre. Custom cabinet work was required to complete the setup of integrated architectural furniture.

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A final view of the Loft (Loge Club). This suite can accommodate up to 96 guests. The layout is adjustable depending on the size of groups.

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There is plenty of natural light, thanks to the atrium facing the Zone Videotron Mobile (Zone Club) area. The atrium, open on three levels, houses the main concourse and provides access to two levels of suites, offering a spectacular view of the Laurentian Mountains.

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Finishing touches on the Hall before the installation of gypsum. The structure of the ceiling is called the “diamond” because of the pointy and irregular shapes.

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View of the Hall (ground level). Outside, a double-skin façade is being installed. The glass façade faces South-East, creating shade.

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Ventilation units in one of the many mechanical rooms.

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In the upper concourse, the exposed wooden needles and interior cladding frame the stunning views of Quebec City.

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The outer gateway extends inside, continues to the main corridor and finally crosses the lobby, creating the Activity Zone for children. The gateway also doubles as a projector screen.

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This work of art entitled, “Le Grand bleu du Nord” (loosely translated as “The Great Blue North”) is located next to the escalators leading from the main concourse to the upper concourse.

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The building is certified LEED-Silver and also features drought-tolerant landscaping which requires little watering. The details of the outer screen and the system of double-skin façade of the Hall are visible from this angle.

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The details of the exterior roof of the Hall's ceiling continues to the inside wall and the gateway section.

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The architectural details of the outdoor signage, cladding, bridge and windows provide a welcoming entrance for the building.

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View from the technical grid: the setup is ready for a hockey game!

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Quebec’s Multifunctional Amphitheatre project management team from WSP came in as finalists for the Project of the Year Award. The 2015 Elixir Gala is hosted by the Project Management Institute (PMI) of Montreal to recognize excellence in project management. From left to right: Benoit Lalonde (President of PMI-Montreal), Yves Parent, Michel Létourneau, Alain Ouellet, Catherine Grenier, Mélanie Bisson, Jean Gariépy, Gilles Desrochers and Gaétan Demers.

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Sunset over the white aluminum panels of the outer shell. The colour of the building and the reflection of the lights on the façade are intended to evoke drifting snow in a typical Quebec City winter.

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