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Ensuring ease of passage for cars, boats, cyclists, and pedestrians in a confined setting requires some innovative engineering. One of the first structures of its kind in North America, Bridge No. 9 on the chambly canal rises to the challenge.

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Chambly Canal Bridge No. 9

250 tonnes of steel
5000 vehicles per day
80 degree inclination when raised
100 ecological hydraulic system
10 moveable bridges on canal
110 tonne counterweight
25 boats per day
100 steel construction
1 bridge operator

When Parks Canada selected the most unique solution of the five proposed concepts, WSP's Tony Mailhot put his engineering hat on and got to work.

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Get a behind the scenes look at the construction process

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The original bridge was built in 1887 for the Lachine Canal and moved to the Chambly Canal in 1929.

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One of two solid steel trunnions which allows the bridge to rise for oncoming boat traffic.

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One of the factory prefabricated steel A-frames.

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The A-frames are loaded for transport from Montreal to the paint shop, then to the Chambly Canal site, a distance of 55 km.

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Construction of the bridge begins in the early Spring of 2010.

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The new bridge is supported on caissons and sheet piles which form a wall commonly known as a combined wall.

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The combined wall is anchored to the rock with the use of continuous reinforced rock sockets.

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Piles are driven into the ground to support the load of the bridge foundations.

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Throughout construction, the ability for boats to navigate through the canal had to be maintained.

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On-site assembly of the bridge with the prefabricated parts from the factory.

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A 600 tonne crane was used to lift the prefabricated steel components.

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This image shows one of the two solid steel trunnions in position.

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The lifting operation of such a large and heavy assembly had to be carefully prepared.

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Layers of reinforcement steel are used to form the foundation of the new bridge.

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"A Bridge, A Legend" was a writing contest organized by Parks Canada for the inauguration of the bridge.

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A recreational boat passes under the newly constructed bridge.

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