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From 6,000 wireless subscribers in 1985 to 29 million today, WSP has been a part of Canada's telecommunications infrastructure for over 30 years.

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6000 wireless subscribers in Canada in 1985
700 Predicted mobile data traffic growth from 2014 to 2019
85 of Canadian households with at least one mobile phone
28.5 wireless subscribers in canada in 2015
40 investment in Canadian telecom infrastructure since 1985
10 wsp telecommunications offices in canada
73 smartphone penetration in canada
82 of canadians using a social network
200 WSP telecommunications employees in canada

As a seasoned telecommunications industry veteran, Sharyn Gravelle has been on the forefront of innovation for over three decades. Get her perspective on where we have been, and where we are headed.

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View images of wireless communications site projects from across Canada

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A guyed tower with multiple wireless systems including microwave links connecting wireless and landline users.

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Square lattice tower structure and antenna platforms.

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A cellular antenna array and microwave backhaul dish on a self support lattice tower structure.

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Inside climb on a guyed lattice tower structure.

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A tower inspection in process. Equipment and site safety checks are always performed prior to commencing any climb.

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A post work inspection carried out at 90 metres up on horizontal support arms at the top of a tower for an enhanced LTE network antenna and radio equipment upgrade.

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A new rock anchor is used to support guy cables in order to accommodate increased loading from antenna modifications and new climatic data in Northern Quebec.

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A temporary load transfer system for a self support tower pier foundation retrofit while ensuring no disruption in the service of existing antenna systems during the reinforcement.

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A specialized tool is used to drill into concrete foundations to extract core samples for testing.

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A core sample from an existing 50 year old tower foundation pier is taken to determine concrete strength and aggregate properties for new loading analysis.

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A tower inspection in a remote location requires helicopter access with a specifically designed helipad.

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A remote guyed tower structure providing the necessary height for the top mounted antenna.

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Inside a production meeting for site projects between the Montreal and Laval, QC offices.

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Adding new equipment to an existing rooftop cell site in British Columbia.

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Rooftop mechanical penthouse mounts and antenna system.

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Gravity-based rooftop antenna mounts and cable tray system eliminating the requirement of roof membrane penetrations.

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An aesthetic clock tower structure to camouflage a wireless antenna site in a residential neighbourhood.

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Towers soaring above the clouds in Sudbury, ON, providing antennas with line of sight to adjacent tower antennas and offering better cellular coverage.

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A monopole tower inspection in Ontario.

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Convential cellular telecommunications tower in Atlantic Canada.

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Winter tower inspection.

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