Medical and vision care

Your medical and vision care coverage reimburses an extensive range of expenses such as prescription drugs, paramedical services, hospital stays and eye exams. To customize your plan, you must choose between 4 statuses and 4 options.


Choose your status based on who you wish to cover for medical and vision care:

Rollover a status for more details.

The status you choose determines the amount of flex dollars you are entitled to and influences the cost of your coverage.


To meet your specific needs, the medical and vision care component is flexible, meaning that you have 4 options to choose from.

If you choose the Core, Balanced or Enhanced option, you will benefit from coverage for semi-private hospital stays, travel insurance and trip cancellation as well as coverage for psychologists and other mental health specialists up to $10,000. Expenses for prescription drugs, ambulance transportation, labs and other paramedical services are also covered but at different levels of reimbursement based on your selected option.

Paid by WSP and you through payroll contributions
Paid by WSP and you through payroll contributions. You can also use flex dollars to pay.
Paid by WSP and you through payroll contributions. You can also use flex dollars to pay.
There is a nominal cost for this option if you choose a Couple, Single-parent or Family status.
Rollover an option for more details.

Discover what is covered under each option


Alfred’s tip

Expenses are reimbursed based on reasonable and customary fees. You can use Sun Life’s Provider Search feature available on the mobile app and website to locate providers by cost and rating. To confirm what will be reimbursed by the plan, don’t hesitate to contact Sun Life directly.

Alfred’s tip

Did you know that if you allocate your flex dollars to the Health spending account, you can use this account to reimburse medical and vision care expenses that are partially or not covered by the plan?

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