Health spending account

Once you’ve made your selections for your medical and dental coverage, you can allocate any remaining flex dollars in part or in full to the Health spending account (HSA). It can be used similarly to a bank account to reimburse medical, vision and dental expenses not covered or partially covered by the option chosen or by your spouse’s plan.

Eligible expenses

Here are examples of eligible expenses that can be incurred by you, your spouse or your children:

  • Medical, vision and dental expenses that are not covered or partially covered by the option you selected
    • Glasses and laser eye surgery
    • Paramedical services
    • Orthodontic services
    • Private hospital room
    • In vitro fertilization
  • Deductibles
  • Amounts exceeding maximums
Consult the full list of eligible expenses

How to use the amount I have allocated to this account?

Obtaining a reimbursement is fast and easy! You can submit your claim online or on the mobile app. You can also use a paper form if you prefer.


Alfred’s tip

The amounts reimbursed through the HSA are:

  • Provincial taxable benefits for Quebec residents
  • Non-taxable benefits for non-Quebec residents

Alfred’s tip

You spent all your flex dollars on medical and dental coverage? You can increase your flex dollars amount by increasing your payroll contributions.

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