Personal spending account

Once you’ve made your selections for your medical and dental coverage, you can allocate any remaining flex dollars in part or in full to the Personal spending account (PSA). It covers a wide range of eligible expenses supporting your mental, physical and financial well-being.

Eligible expenses

Here are examples of eligible expenses:

  • Fitness club or gym memberships
  • Fitness equipment
  • Day-spa services
  • Education and personal development
  • Cultural and recreational activity fees
  • Finance-related apps, software or programs
  • Public transit passes
  • Car or bike sharing memberships
  • Childcare and eldercare expenses
  • Domestic services
  • Estate planning, investment counselling and tax return preparation
  • Legal expenses
Consult the full list of eligible expenses

How to use the amount I have allocated to this account?

Obtaining a reimbursement is fast and easy! You can submit your claim online or on the mobile app. You can also use a paper form if you prefer.



Alfred’s tip

The amounts reimbursed through the PSA are taxable benefits (both provincial and federal) in all provinces.

Alfred’s tip

The list seems very comprehensive, and it really is! You can use the PSA to pay for your babysitter, your bus pass, your teen’s athletic gear, your fitness app and so much more. If you have flex dollars left, take advantage of them!

Alfred’s tip

You spent all your flex dollars on medical and dental coverage? You can increase your flex dollars amount by increasing your payroll contributions.

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