Vacation time

We hire the best and therefore expect a lot. Although we thrive in a high-performance culture, it is crucial that every employee takes time off to rest when necessary in order to live a fulfilling and balanced life.

Options available

Here are your options for paid time off:

  • Annual vacation time
  • Floater days
  • Possibility to buy 1 to 5 additional vacation days using flex dollars
  • Possibility to sell vacation (including floater days) and convert their value into flex dollars (possible once a year in January)

For more information about your vacation time and floater days, consult the employee handbook.

If you plan on travelling during your vacation, consult the travel insurance guide before each trip.


Alfred’s tip

Did you spend all your flex dollars on medical and dental coverage? Note that you can increase your flex dollars amount by increasing your payroll deductions. A good way to buy more vacation time without putting a dent in your budget!