Virtual healthcare

Virtual healthcare, provided by Dialogue, is included in the Core coverage offered by WSP. It is like a walk-in clinic that fits in your pocket. Through a mobile or web application, it gives you, your spouse and your dependents access to free medical video consultations so that you can quickly take care of most health-related issues, no matter where you are. It is included in the Core coverage offered by WSP for benefits-eligible employees.

Services offered

Here is an overview of the services available through Dialogue:

  • Chat with a nurse in real time
  • Consult a doctor or healthcare professional via video
  • Renew your prescriptions and have them delivered for free
  • Obtain a referral to see a specialist in person
  • Get help to navigate the healthcare system

Here are some examples of common conditions you could get help for:

  • Cold/flu symptoms
  • Sinus infection
  • Rashes
  • Skin problems
  • Pain management

As of July 1, create your virtual healthcare account:


Alfred’s tip

Did you know that 60% of health concerns can be solved without a physical exam? With the Dialogue app, you can be proactive about your health without having to turn your life upside down to a see a doctor!