Simplifying your day-to-day life


  • Medical and vision care

    • Direct payment card
  • Travel insurance

    • Emergency travel assistance and insurance
    • Trip cancellation and interruption


  • Personal spending account

    • Public transit passes
    • Car or bike sharing memberships
    • Childcare and eldercare expenses
    • Domestic services
    • Estate planning, financial investment counselling and tax return preparation
  • Employee and family
    assistance program

    • Nutrition support services
    • Child care
    • Elder care
    • Community referrals
    • Career counselling
  • Wellness program

    • Cardiovascular disease screening clinic
    • Health risk assessment questionnaire
    • Virtual work-out sessions
    • Webinar on various health issues
    • Wellness platform
  • Virtual healthcare

    • Chat with a nurse in real time
    • Consult a doctor or a health care professional via videoconference
    • Renew your prescriptions and get them delivered for free
    • Get referred to see a specialist in person
    • Get help to navigate the healthcare system
  • Vacation time

    • Annual vacation time
    • Floater days
    • Possibility to buy more vacation
    • Possibility to sell vacation (including floater days) and convert their value into flex dollars (possible once a year in January)
  • Discounts

    • Travel and accommodations
    • Automotive: car purchase, car rental, airport parking
    • Home and auto insurance
    • Food: restaurants, meal delivery
    • Shopping: apparel, electronics, personal computers, home furniture/décor
    • Wellness: fitness clubs/equipment, personal care/spa


  • Contributions

    • Investing for your projects
    • Becoming a WSP shareholder
  • Using your savings

    • During employment
    • Buying a home for the first time (Home Buyers’ Plan)
    • Financing a full-time return to school for yourself or for your spouse (Lifelong Learning Plan)


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